Have you ever wondered how certain organisms such as beetles, birds, and fishes have perfected their migration patterns innately? Why it seems like they have a sixth sense that enables them to find their way back to their spawning or birthplaces. Research has shown that this effect is due to their ability to sense and follow the earth’s magnetic force.
Also, research has revealed that the earth’s magnetic field is responsible for some unexplainable daily occurrences. For example, cabbage moths are known to be highly uncomfortable and disoriented by the presence of magnets around them. Also, certain plants have been observed to have increased yields when grown in the presence of strong magnetic fields, thereby attesting to their magnetic sensitivity.

History of Magnetized Water
The above research work laid the foundation for the Russian’s introduction of bipolar water into the human society. These “Wonder water” as they are often called have been treated with both the north and south magnetic poles and are capable of healing diverse sicknesses.

This introduction was pioneered by 3 Russian urologists Drs. G. Gerbenshchikow, K. Tovstoles and I. Shetsov who treated gall and kidney stones via the sole use of bipolar water. Further research revealed that in contrast to the normal water, magnetic water has its molecular sequence aligned perfectly in the “+-+-“ pattern.
This alignment is responsible for the increased cellular nutrient assimilation and hydration rate recorded in patients placed on the substance. Moreover, magnetic water purifies all chemical wastes, effluents etc. thus making them it safe for human consumption. Currently, various magnetic activation apparatuses exist for domestic use targeted at people that intend to lead healthier lives.

Benefits of Magnetized Water
1. Increased nutrient bioavailability: It is common knowledge that most of the food substances we consume contain nutrients that our gastrointestinal tract is not so efficient at harnessing. This limitation is minimized with the use of magnetic water as it breaks down nutrients into smaller particles, thereby increasing its surface area and heightening cellular absorption. This nutrient size reduction particle is responsible for the recorded cases of the gall and kidney stone reduction particles.

2. Increased bodily alkalinity: Because the majority of our food substances are acidic in nature, which often leads to heart burns, consuming alkaline substances such as magnetic water helps reduce bodily acidity. This ultimately eliminates the occurrence of such incidences.

3. Induce bodily regeneration: The constant consumption of large quantities of this activated magnetic water results in increased bodily regenerative properties such as darker hair and faster-growing fingernails.
In conclusion, it is recommended that health-conscious people opt for their personal activator to enjoy these amazing health benefits.

In conclusion, it is recommended that health-conscious people opt for their personal activator to enjoy these amazing health benefits.