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Rife's Healing Machine

Rife's Healing Machine

May 25, 2018 0 Comments

The rife machine, an invention by the American scientist Royal Raymond Rife, is a machine which radiates a kind of energy similar to radio waves. This machine is believed to cure cancer and some other conditions like Lyme disease and AIDS
The principle of operation of the machine has its foundation in the works of Albert Adams, a doctor who has a firm belief that each and every disease has its own unique electromagnetic frequency.

He postulated a theory called radionics, which suggested that physicians can eliminate cancerous cells by attacking them with electrical impulses identical to the cell’s exclusive electromagnetic frequency.

Rife machines and devices similar to it in operation have not been found to pose any major health risk because the energy waves involved are of very low frequency, even lower that those emitted by cell phones. The bigger risk involved with its usage, like other alternative treatment, comes from delaying more effective medical treatments like chemotherapy. There have also been concerns about the cost of a rife machine, as it mostly cost thousands of dollars on the internet.

The side effects of traditional methods of treating cancers can significantly impact the quality of life, pushing many to search for alternatives which have not been studied.

With regards to the rife machine, there is not known publicized evidence that it works. Let’s not forget the machine relies on the assumption that viruses and bacteria are the causes of cancer, which have long been debunked. But this doesn’t mean any suggested alternative treatment should be ignored. As a matter of fact, some of these alternatives, like meditation and acupuncture, may be of immense help in combating symptoms of cancer.

Rifes Healing Machine