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Signs of Infirmity

Signs of Infirmity

The human body is interconnected and each of its interconnected parts help to keep the body functioning properly. The organs in the body each works with each other to ensure we enjoy good health and happiness. These organs also help to make sure that all the processes needed to stay healthy work properly.

When something goes wrong in one part of the body, the signs and symptoms of the ailment show up in another part of the body. This is theory behind Facial Diagnosis Organ Map.

Skin is the largest organ
The skin being the largest organ in the human body will act differently whenever something goes wrong with it. The skin may develop different afflictions including but not limited to pimples and rashes as well as change of skin color and skin tone. When you notice these signs, you can be sure that something is wrong within your body.

Signs of bladder or small intestine problems show up in the forehead
The Facial Diagnosis Organ Map helps to explain what is wrong with you. For example, if something were wrong with your bladder or small intestine, the signs would show up in the forehead. The wrong foods and too much stress combined with too little exercise and excessive consumption of alcohol can cause a breakout on the forehead. To cure these maladies, it is important to consume more raw food and chew more thoroughly as well as take more probiotics. Performing Yoga exercises can also help reduce stress levels.

Signs of liver problems show up between the eyebrows
The Facial Diagnosis Organ Map can also show other problems. Take for instance, when there is something wrong with your liver, the signs would be seen between your eyebrows. If the liver has to work extra hard to remove toxins or if you are exposed to too much pollution, then the signs would show up between your eyebrows. To cure yourself, you will need to eat more healthy and organic foods. It is also necessary to get more fresh air and you should walk fast and practice yoga exercises.

Kidney malfunction signs can be seen in the eyebrow arches
If your kidneys are malfunctioning because of dehydration, then the signs would show up on the eyebrow arches. Smoking and alcohol as well as bad quality salt intake as well as not enough water are all reasons for dehydration and kidney malfunction. Once you see the signs of kidney malfunction between your eyebrow arches, you can take remedial steps like drinking more water and avoiding caffeinated and sweetened beverages. Instead of consuming table salt, you should switch over to sea salt.

Signs of heart problems show up on the nose
Problems with your nose, when seen on the Facial Diagnosis Organ Map, indicate a heart problem. To improve the functioning of your heart, you will need to exercise more and you also need to keep your cholesterol levels at healthy levels.

Upper cheeks indicate lung problems
The upper cheeks indicate something wrong with your lungs. If you are affected by pollution or smoking or even asthma, then the skin on your nose will be adversely affected. To improve your heart health, you will need to exercise more, avoid pollution and not smoke cigarettes. Similarly, your cheeks reflect the condition of your lungs and kidneys. Smoking and unhealthy food consumption as well as high stress affect our cheeks. The mouth and cheek on the other hand display the condition of your stomach.

Eating excessive amount of fat and sweet foods will adversely affect your mouth and cheeks. Finally, the condition of your jaws and neck display the condition of the hormones in your body. Eating unhealthy foods and staying under artificial lights as well as being disconnected from the Earth can also adversely affect the condition of your hormones.

You can improve things by staying away from hormone contaminated meats and by staying away from artificial lighting.

Signs Of Infirmity

Signs Of Infirmity

Signs Of Infirmity

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